The Oscar winning Casablanca is one of cinemas all time classics, nown for it’s amazing cast, memorable dialogue and unforgettable story.  The story of Rick and Ilsa is the center of this cinema feast.

In the final scene, at the airport, whilst they await their letters of transit, wearing hats, which cast stylish noir shadows of longing and regret on their starry faces - The set-up reminds us that not too many Hollywood films of the golden era explored the deal romance might make with life. Most lovers are shrugged off at movie's end to live "happily ever after".  So the cross-cut close-ups of Bergman and Bogart at the end, in the fog, are among the most enduring images of Hollywood romance, along with the line "Here's looking at you, kid"

Casablanca PRINT

    • Original design.
    • 12" x 16" digital print on premium photo paper.
    • 11" x 15" image size.
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