The dark comedy Death Becomes Her has a really good idea: what would it be like to live forever, stay young and beautiful? It represents one over-exaggerated view and is  so unique and right on the plastic surgery and commentary on the obsession with youthful looks . The special effects are still astounding and are matched by the perfomces of Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep - the movie is carried by their chemistry and the absurdity of the plot works because they play so well of each other.


This design is of Helen, with the quote 'Mad' for how she patronizingly refers to Madeline, and the red is the color of her dress.

Death Becomes Her - Mad COLORED sweatshirt

    • Original design measures approx 14 x 16 inches on the back of the sweatshirt.
    • The background color from the design is substituted with the garment color.
    • PAPER8 logo measures 3 x 1 on right chest.
    • High quality DTG (digital) print.
    • DTG print ensures the detail of the illustration is transferred to the garment.
    • Retail fit
    • Unisex sizing

    For more information please check our sizing guide.

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