In Sofia Coppola's 'Lost In Translation', an unhappy married man meets unhappy married woman in a place neither of them are familiar with, and begin a 'brief encounter' that profoundly affects them both.

The journey of these two souls eventually comes to an end in a ambiguous but meaningful ending, shown in the image on the poster. During the film's quaint, quietly moving finale Coppola simply lets her two sensational leads do their work, rather than bombarding the audience with lush music to underscore the escalating sadness of the film. This makes the moment more realistic and poignant.

Bob simply kisses Charlotte on the side of the face, and whispers something in her ear which the audience is not privy too - A Beautifully ambiguous but meaningful ending for these 2 characters.The poster is sparse, keeping the focus on the 2 characters. It represents this small, intimate, yet complex film.


  • Original design is an alternative movie poster of the movie LOST IN TRANSLATION, created entirely with pencil.
  • Digital print on high quality American Apparel white T Shirt / Tank Top.
  • The digital print ensures that the detail is transferred to the garment, and that the color stays true to the original drawing.
  • Model wears Small Tank Top.
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