Pretty Woman has many memorable lines and if you fall in love with the movie you will go back to it again and again - it  is one of the best romantic comedy movie of the 90s, and though many movies have since tried to recreate its charm, nothing has quite succeeded to replace this movie as the pinnacle of the genre.

Julia Roberts plays Vivian Ward, an attractive and smart hooker with a heart of gold... She gives her character a great sense of humor, charming Edward with her honesty... She is intensely appealing and amusing, and their chemistry is what makes this cinderella story work. Enjoying her company, he offers her to be his 'date' for a series of business activities including a strategic dinner and a pool match... Out of the 'bargain,' she gets $3,000 cash, a classier wardrobe and a visit to the opera...


Despite it's stature, this movie has many problem, including the notion that a woman needs a man to rescue her, and the role of money 'buying' Vivien ut of her day job, and the design reflects the Vivien as the 'hooker' rather than the bubbly character she becomes with the wide smile and long flowing hair.


    • Original design measures approx 10 x 14 inches on the front of the shirt.
    • High quality DTG (digital print) printed on white apparel.
    • DTG print ensures the detail of the illustration is transferred to the garment, and the color stays true to the original design.
    • Retail fit
    • Unisex sizing

    For more information please check our sizing guide.

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