Upon its release in 1995, Showgirls was ravaged by critics and audiences alike, but in the time since it has gone on to become a camp classic of the 'so bad, it's good variety'. I wanted my design to be both trashy and tacky and a little bit controversial, embodying all of the things people love about the movie.

The hot pink is used throughout the film and the turquoise blue is taken from Nomis jacket she wears on arriving in Vegas. The Title font is taken from the trailer of the film, and I chose to use if for its fluidity in addition to the star on top of the eye. It is both what Nomi moved to Vegas to be, and is also as cheap looking as her costumes and make up.

The image is of Nomi and her mentor turned arch nemesis Crystal kissing which added the spunk I wanted and reflects the movie perfectly.

Showgirls PRINT

    • Original design.
    • 12" x 16" digital print on premium photo paper.
    • 11" x 15" image size.
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