For me, three things that seperate Terminator from T2, are the addition of a larger threat -  more indestructable, shape shifting T-100.  The character development of Sarah Connor from being a victim in the first film, somebody who has to be rescued, into an ass kicking, take no shit action heroine, and the evolution from bad guy to good guy of Arnold Schwarzaneggers Terminator, and the relationship between him and John Conner that really grounds the film. 

I wanted to incorporate all of these characters in the design, so the T2 takes up almost half of the poster to allow enough room to fit Sarah and the T-1000, while the main image is taken from the first interaction the terminator has with John which ends with a motorbike / truck chase in the LA river.

The bliue is from the credits sequence while the red represents the exoskeloton and the red eye of the Terminator.


  • Original design is an alternative movie poster of the movie TERMINATOR 2, created entirely with pencil.
  • Digital print on high quality American Apparel white T Shirt / Tank Top.
  • The digital print ensures that the detail is transferred to the garment, and that the color stays true to the original drawing.
  • The design measures 10 x 14 inches on the front of the Shirt.
  • Female Model wears Small Tank Top.
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