This design for The Silence of The Lambs focuses on the strong female character of Clarice Starling. Between Hannibal Lector and Jame Gumb and the myriad other dark characters and imagery in the movie I wanted to go with a more subtle image of the character who carried the film, reflecting her strong will and perseverance. 


Jodie Foster has sharp bone structure adds to the dimensions of the drawing and contrasts nicely with the pale pink background. The pink chosen is almost flesh like to represent Gumbs hobbies, and almost blends into the quote, again focusing on the sublety and softness whi h lies underneath the surface. 


The quote "You know what you look like to me, with your nice bag and you cheap shoes" isn't the msot qouted from the movie but is equally memorable and is a good representation of Lector in the design.

The Sience of The Lambs PRINT

    • Original design.
    • 12" x 16" digital print on premium photo paper.
    • 11" x 15" image size.
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