From Kathryn Bigalows 90's cult classic Point Break, the design features Keaunu Reeves 'Johhny Utah'. After befriending the bank robbers he is supposed to be taking down, following a chase with Patrick Swayzes 'Bodhi', he catches up and has a clear shut, but he can't take it becasuse they are like, totally bro's man. In his fustration he shoots his gun in the air while shouting! This scene has since often been repeated and ridiculed.

The color for the text is taken from the pre-credit sequence. I wanted to include the 'Dead Presidents in some form so inserted them in the BREAK - the image features on the original poster, so it is a shout out to that. In the image they are standing on rocks with waves splashing over them, so that effect is blended in to the blue of the BREAK.


    • Original design measures approx 10 x 14 inches on the front of the shirt.
    • High quality DTG (digital print) printed on white apparel.
    • DTG print ensures the detail of the illustration is transferred to the garment, and the color stays true to the original design.
    • Retail fit
    • Unisex sizing

    For more information please check our sizing guide.

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