Tony Scott was known for his visual flare and a bold flashy film making style, which suited the guns, sex, style and pop-culture piled into Quentin Tarintino's script for True Romance with  this selection of over the top characters and their endevours.


The films aesthetic style was transferred to the poster through the color scheme of Patricia Arquettes character's clothes. 'Alabama' is a very loud character, and wears a turquoise bra and pink leopord print legging for a large portion of the film.

The image is also of Alabama and represents her character perfectly.  Tarantino is known for creating iconic characters, and is talented at writing excellent female characters. Rather than being arm candy, or a damsel in distress, Alabama brings an unique virity to the screen, and shares an excellent fight scene with James Gandalfini's character 'Virgil', which shows off her ballsy character to full effect.

True Romance PRINT

    • Original design.
    • 12" x 16" digital print on premium photo paper.
    • 11" x 15" image size.
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