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This Alien t-shirt design contains no color, it’s entirely graphite content reflecting the darkness of the film, through mirroring the stark, vast emptiness of space, which sets the scene for the film. Sigourney Weavers Ellen Ripley is undoubtedly the heroine of the film. Her portrayal was groundbreaking at the time and in the 33 years since her character has become rightfully iconic. This over familiarity of her as the bad ass action heroine she became in ‘Aliens” hardens her character, detracting from the sheer terror of ‘Alien’ .

I decided to draw Veronica Cartrights character, who plays the films more traditional damsel in distress alongside Ripleys reluctant hero. This distressing image of Cartrights character, the strain and terror etched on her expressive face more clearly demonstrate the intimidating fear the film depicts, and alongside the tagline, ‘In space, no one can here you scream’ forms a more powerful poster.


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