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Both the original Breakfast at Tiffany’s posters and Audrey Hepburns portrayal of Holly Golightly are extremely iconic, so I did not want to compete with the iconography of the little black dress, the pearls, sunglasses, beehive and cigar holder. Taking inspiration from the poster I have used a similar combination of colors, placed in a different formation for my Breakfast at Tiffanys t-shirt design.

The ‘Is Delicious’ is taken from the credit sequence of the film, and is ‘written’ over the image which represent the era of the film, when ‘The End’ was often scrolled across the final image of the movie. It also reflects the time when posters had a more painterly aspect to them in terms of how they were rendered, in stark contrast to the technology used today.

It is a strong classic image associated with the golden age of cimena. Despite it being kissing in the rain, due to the pencil drawing and how the images are put on paper, there is a strong resemblance to the blood and sweat in Reservoir Dogs and Raging Bull.


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