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David Finchers Fight Club is a thought-provoking social commentatry on the state of the world at the end of the centuary – it’s dark and disturbing, yet smart and stylistic.

Pitt has the flashy, role of Tyler Durden, while Edward Norton is his perfect foil as the seemingly meek yet sardonic narrator. He acts as our surrogate, and navigator through this strange world. In a third act twist, Durden is revealed as an alternate personality the Narrator has created to reject modern consumer-driven society, ultimately suggesting salvation through self-destruction.

When the Narrator is discovering the true nature of Durden, there are flashbacks to previous scenes, where it now shows Norton as Durden. The images I have chosen are an example of this – the initial scene played by Pitts ‘imaginary’ Tyler, and the flashback to the reality with ‘Tyler’ played by Norton.

The use of these images illustrates the skewed point of view of the character and the reality the viewer is trying to navigate, as the faces are shown upside down in the film, their features distorted slightly from gravity – a perspective the viewer is not familiar with. The top image replicates the way it is viewed on screen, whilst I have flipped and rotated the bottom image in order to a) show his skewered interpretation of reality and b) have it so the 2 characters are looking at each other, like a distorted mirror image, as they are the same character. The way the names are written at the bottom of the poster also represent this.

The font of the title is taken from the credit sequence, and the pink color from that of the soap, which was used strongly in the marketing campaign. I referenced it by highlighting the word ‘soap’ in pink, in addition to the title banner. The banner also petrudes from the rest of the black frame slightly also subtley referencing a bar of soap through how they are often packaged.





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