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Visually, the composition of this JAWS movie t-shirt design mimics the original. It contains the large title font, the use of a horizon, the majority of the printed surface covered in blue, as well as depicting the same scenario, but from a different perspective.  Rather than the exaggerated shark head heading straight up to the lone swimmer like the iconic poster, this shows a close up of the victim in the midst of her attack.

Jaws begins with one of the most terrifying scenes in horror movie history – a pretty, young girl goes into the water and is brutally attacked and killed by what we later learn to be a Great White shark. The genius of Jaws that helped to make it the enduring classic it has become is in its ability to build suspense – the shark is seldom seen in the movie, relying on Spielbergs direction along with the now iconic score by John Williams, to build tension.

The opening scene reflects that perfectly, and whilst mirroring the format of the original poster, the image captures the horror of the film and sets the scene for what is to come.

I wanted to incorporate a lot of color in the poster, however, where in the original the blue is used to depict the sea, here the blue is flipped to represent the sky.

Much like the impact of the poster, the tagline is simple yet effective, and done in red to incororate the color of blood and danger.


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