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Raging Bull PRINT


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Following Taxi Driver, Robert de Niro and Martin Scorsese successful collaberation continued with Raging Bull. De Niro gives another iconic performance as Jake LaMotta, Undergoing a physical transformation to play the infamous boxer, known for his abusive life style and somewhat paranoid delusions.

The layout and color shceme share a likeness to the original poster, and the drawing is chosen due to it’s striking image.The boxing scenes are brutal and violenlty realistic as Scorsese was determined to get as close as possible to the raw violence of the fights. Each intricately choreographed fight has a different style in order to reflect La Motta’s different states of mind at the time of the fights.

Shot in stark, black and white to portray depression and misery, the blood drenched image really ‘pops’ against the red of the title. The poster perfectly captures the essence of a man who desperately wants to be great, but ultimately destroy themselves and those around them.





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