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Reservoir Dogs PRINT


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The whole of Reservoir Dogs takes place after a botched diamond heist, the mystery unfolds among the criminal participants as they begin to suspect that one of them is an undercover cop.

The title font is inspired by how it appears in the credits. The credit sequence is famous for the slow motion introduction of the gang. The suited characters are known by their colored code names. These names have since become so iconic, I listed the actors in the order they appear in the credits as their characters, in the relevant color.

Juxtaposed with the picture they form a more powerful image, since the colors are so vivid and and resemble a rainbow in contrast to the violence depicted in the image. so vividly with the face I drew.

The ear cutting scene is probably the most well remembered and discussed scene in the film and the image captures the brutality of the scene and the violent nature of the film.





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