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The Shining PRINT


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The Shining, Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic masterpiece is a true psychological horror classic. Every shot is masterfully created through his direction and he gives the whole film a cold and atmospheric look, thus creating an unbearable sense of paranoia and terror, building the suspense throughout the film.

Jack Nicholson gives one of his very best performances as Jack Torrance, but I chose to focus on Shelley Duvall for my poster because her face is so descriptive in conveying the emotions and despair she is going through. Her portrayal as Jacks wife Wendy is extremely divisive. Some consider it to be a over the top mess and find it grating. Others think she must be commesnded for her naturalistic performance. Duvall herself has stated that she was traumatized by Kubricks behaviour to her on set – this and the exhausting number of takes that were shot, contribute to her honest and hysterical portrayal of a woman faced with the horror of being isolated in a hotel in the middle of know where, slowly realizing her husband is a madman.

Their are many fan theories that the decor of the fictional Overlook Hotel has alot to do with what the director really means.  The geometric carpet pattern being the most iconic and most theorized-upon. The carpet appears in many key scenes and I wanted to include the dynamic orange, brown and red pattern in my poster.

The ice blue color and font are taken from the opening credits, as the family are winding through the mountains en route to The Overlook. The only text on my poster, it is purposefully small and subtle referencing the films slow build and underplayed horror.





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